Top 10 Best Cheap Shared Web Hosting Sites Review 2023

On this website are provided the reviews and website hosting comparison of the top 10 best web hosting sites that are cheap and very reliable. The web hosting providers listed here are the best web hosting sites for small business. They offer cheap wordpress web hosting, cheap ecommerce web hosting. The web hosting comparison provided here are for shared web hosting . They are the best web hosting for business website, best web hosting for wordpress and also perfect for blog web hosting

The 10 best web hosting providers listed here some of them offer great web hosting features such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSD disk storage, unlimited email addresses and hosting unlimited websites using just one account. For those interesting in hosting a blog they all offer content management systems such as one click  wordpress setup, one click Joomla setup, one click Drupal setup and more. Their prices are very affordable when compared to the many web hosting features they offer. Below are provided the reviews of the top 10 best shared web hosting companies that are perfect for small businesses.

1. Hostinger    


The number one on the list of the top 10 shared web hosting sites for small business is Hostinger. This is the best for small businesses. They offer 3 Months free for their business plan. This is the website we recommend to anyone planning to start an online business. Hostinger is a very cheap web hosting provider as they offer just $3.99 USD for their business plan. Some of the top shared web hosting features provided by Hostinger are:                                                             
o Provide 200GB NVMe storage                                                             
o unlimited free SSL                                                             
o unlimited Bandwidth                                                             
o Free email                                                             
o PHP version selector                                                             
o 30-Day Money Back Guarantee                                                             
o Price per Month: $3.99 USD


2. Namecheap    

Shared hosting with Namecheap!

Namecheap is the second on the list of the top 10 best shared web hosting providers for small businesses on the web. This is a company that was  founded in 2000 by a man named Richard Kirkendall. These days, NameCheap is a leading ICANN- accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company.  NameCheap currently has about 2 Million customers and more than 5 million domains under management.

Namecheap has a shared web hosting plan known as the stellar plus.  This plan is the perfect choice for small business and even those intending to host their blogs, eCommerce website, Wordpress site and more. Some of the web hosting features provided by namecheap for this plan are:                                                            
unmetered SSD storage                                                            
o unmetered Bandwidth                                                            
100% uptime                                                            
o Host unlimited domains                                                            
o unlimited parked domains                                                            
o 30 day money back guarantee                                                            
o PHP 5.X- 8.X                                                                                   
o Price per Month : $2.98 USD


3. Hostpapa    

HostPapa Web Hosting

Among the list of the top 10 best shared web hosting services is Hostpapa. This is an award winning company as they provide green web hosting. Hostpapa has a shared web hosting plan known as Hostpapa pro. This plan is perfect for anyone intending to host a business website. This plan has lots of features such as Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and osCommerce cart for those who intend to host an ecommerce website. 

The pro plan also offer PHP 5.6 up to 8.1. You can choose your PHP version from the version selector. The price for the pro plan is $3.95 per Month and this is a good choice if you plan to do business online. It is actually a good choice because some of the hosting features provided for this price are:                                                          
o unlimited websites                                                          
o unlimited email addresses                                                          
o unlimited SSD storage                                                          
o Free domain registration                                                          
o One click app install ( wordpress, Joomla, Drupal)                                                          
o Free let’s Encrypt SSL                                                          
o unlimited MySQL databases                                                          
o 30 day money back guarantee                                                          
o Price per Month: $3.95 USD


4. DreamHost

Dreamhost is also among the top 10 shared web hosting providers on the web. DreamHost is an affordable hosting company with their shared starter plan at $2.59. You can use DreamHost to host your wordpress website as they have wordpress pre-installed and also offer a WP website builder. DreamHost also offer SSD storage which is faster than HDD storage. DreamHost also offer 100% uptime and a free domain name is included with this plan. The starter plan will enable you to host just one wordpress website. DreamHost also offer another type of shared plan known as shared unlimited. With the shared unlimited plan you can host unlimited wordpress websites.

DreamHost shared starter plan is to enable anyone to be able to host a website and even do business online. Some of the features available in the shared starter plan are:                               
o unlimited MYSQL databases                               
o support for PHP 7.4 – 8.1                               
Host 1 wordpress site                               
o unmetered bandwidth                               
o 50GB SSD storage                               
o wordpress pre-installed                               
o WP website builder                               
o Free automated wordpress migration                               
o Free SSL certificate                               
o 30 day money back quarantee                               
o Price per Month: $2.59 USD


5. Mochahost                                              
Mochahost is also among the top 10 shared web hosting sites for small business. Mochahost provides ultra-fast and secure cloud web hosting. It is among the best cloud web hosting providers on the web having very powerful cloud hosting server that is ultra-fast, reliable and very secure. Their servers are located in USA, Singapore and the Netherlands.

Mochahost has a cheap cloud hosting plan with a price of just $2.29 per Month. This plan allow you to host one website but the disk space and the bandwidth are unlimited. Below are some of the web hosting features available in this plan:                                                 
o Host 1 website                                                 
o unlimited Monthly traffic                                                 
o unlimited disk space                                                 
o unlimited email addresses                                                 
o unlimited parked domains                                                 
o unlimited sub-domains                                                 
o Advanced PHP selector                                                 
o osCommerce, Zen cart, opencast etc                                                 
o 50 MariaDB databases                                                 
o Price per Month: $2.29 USD


6. Godaddy

Create a free website with GoDaddy!

Among the top 10 best cheap web hosting companies for small business is Godaddy. Godaddy is a top web host offering cheap web hosting, wordpress hosting and wordpress eCommerce hosting. If you are planning to host your wordpress website then Godaddy is the perfect choice. Godaddy has three types of wordpress plans known as managed wordpress basic, managed wordpress deluxe and managed wordpress ultimate. Godaddy has lots of Apps that you can use to create your CMS site such as worpress and Joomla. You can also create forums and blogs.

Godaddy has a very low cost affordable hosting plan known as web hosting starter. This plan is perfect for small business websites. It is also a good choice for wordpress hosting, eCommerce hosting and other types of websites. Some of the web hosting features available for this plan are:                                          
Host 1 website                                         
10GB NVMe SSD Storage                                         
unmetered Monthly bandwidth                                         
1 MYSQL Database                                         
10 sub domains                                         
PHP 5.6- 8.1                                         
I click App install (wordpress, Joomla)                                         
Free SSL Certificate                                         
30 day money back guarantee                                         
price per Month: $4.99 USD                                       


7. WP Engine

WP Engine is the most trusted wordpress hosting company on the web. You can design, build and manage your wordpress site. If you just need wordpress hosting then WP Engine is the perfect choice. They offer very fast wordpress hosting. WP Engine has a wordpress plan known as startup plan. With the startup plan you get 3 Months free and is perfect for blogs and small business websites. The price is $20 per Month. 

WP Engine has been around for more than 20 years so they have a lot of experience as far as wordpress hosting is concern. This is our first choice for wordpress hosting. They are one of the best wordpress hosting provider on the web with the following features provided in the startup plan:                                      
Host 1 website                                      
10GB storage space                                      
50GB bandwidth                                      
free SSL certificate                                      
PHP versions selector                                      
10 premium wordpress themes                                      
Daily backup                                      
24/7 wordpress specific support                                      
Managed WP updates                                      
60 day money back guarantee                                      
Price per Month: $20 USD



IONOS is also among the top 10 shared web hosting provider on the web. IONOS is perfect for wordpress hosting. If you want to host your wordpress website then IONOS is the perfect web hosting company. IONOS provides very fast wordpress hosting. Your site will load faster. They also protect your website by utilizing some of the best security methods. IONOS offer 3 types of wordpress hosting known as Start, Grow and Boost. The Grow plan is the most popular plan as it is perfect for sites with more content. With the Grow plan you just need to pay $1 for the first 12 Months then $8 per Month afterword. Some of the web hosting features available in the Grow plan: o Host 1 website                             
o 50GB of SSD storage                             
o 5 email address                             
o Free domain                             
o Free SSL                             
o 2GB database size                             
o PHP version 8.1                             
o unlimited site traffic                             
o 30 day money back guarantee                             
o Price per Month: $1 First 12 Months then $8/Mo                           


9. Webhostingpad

On the list of the top 10 best shared web hosting sites is Webhostingpad. Webhostingpad is committed to providing its customers with quality and secure web hosting at a very affordable price of just $1.99 per Month. This is a hosting company that was founded in 2005 and since then has been providing reliable web hosting services to more than 5 million websites. Webhostingpad has won numerous awards because of its reliable web hosting services to its customers. 

Whether you want to start a blog or build a business website, webhostingpad has a plan for you. Webhostingpad has 2 types of plans known as power plan and power plan plus. The power plan is the most popular plan with a price of $1.99 per Month. If you want to host a site that is optimized for wordpress then the power plan plus is the perfect choice and the price is $2.99 per Month. Since the power plan is the most popular plan because it is good for all types of websites, some of the hosting features available for this plan are:                       
o free domain name                       
o free SSL and sitelock lite                       
o free website builder (powered by weebly)                       
o free 1 click install wordpress                       
o unlimited websites, domains and emails                       
o 99% uptime                       
o 30 day money back quarantee                       
o price per Month: $1.99 USD                        


 10. InterServer

Interserver is the last on the list of the best 10 shared web hosting providers on the web. InterServer is a cloud web hosting provider providing shared web hosting to anyone intending to host a website or do business online. Their shared web hosting plan is known as the standard web hosting. With this plan you can put your business, blog or wordpress site online. This plan has very excellent features at a very cheap price of just $2,50 per Month. With this price you get unlimited ultra SSD storage, unlimited email accounts and more. Available also on this plan are lots of cloud Apps that you can install such as wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and mambo. InterServer has ultra-fast cloud servers and cloud linux OS.  Some of the web hosting features available on the standard web hosting plan are:                     
o unlimited MYSQL databases                     
o unlimited email accounts                     
o Host unlimited websites                     
o unlimited parked domains                     
o unlimited sub domains                     
o 99.9% uptime                     
o 30 day money back quarantee                     
o price per Month: $2.50 USD